LEO is an association from Saint-Raphaël that is committed to fighting against childhood cancer and supports families dealing with it. The association is named after Léo, the son of the president, who passed away in 2017 at the age of 15 from a rare form of cancer. In 2018, his mother founded the association LEO with three other women.

Who is LEO?

President: Delphine Chanoyan
Vice President: Virginie Krakowski
Treasurer: Célia Cordech
Secretary: Lise Dibellonio

Why LEO?

According to a report from the National Cancer Institute, 2,557 children are affected by cancer and leukemia in France each year. 500 children die from it each year. That’s 20 school classes per year.

LEO has three important objectives:

  • To emotionally and financially support families during their child’s illness. In addition to all the stress and sadness that comes with the disease, these families often face extra costs and income loss that are not adequately reimbursed. LEO works in partnership with coordinators and social workers from L’Archet hospital in Nice and La Timone hospital in Marseille;
  • To financially contribute to research specifically focused on childhood cancer in collaboration with “La Fédération Enfants Santé”. While there has been a lot of research on cancer in general, there is still much to do in the field of childhood cancer.
  • To support associations that work towards better legislation and higher budgets to make the lives of sick children more bearable.

Ambassador of LEO:

Philippe Caverivière, humorist and writer of many French television programs: Nicolas Canteloup, Les Restos du Coeur, Quelle Epoque with Léa Salamé to name a few. Philippe fulfills the wishes of ill children so they can forget about their illness for a while.

Until the end, Léo fought like a lion against his illness. His motto was: never give up.